Women Veterans Scholarship Application Opening in December

Here’s an announcement about the Wilma Kellogg scholarship that will be available to women veterans. I can’t really tell, but I think this scholarship is only eligible for women vets in Nebraska; and awards are based on the donations received.

I will try to keep an eye on announcements and post them as they come.

Women Veterans Scholarship Application Opening in December.

A new women veterans scholarship called the Women Veterans Scholarship in Honor of Wilma Kellogg is a salute to women veterans, and applications are set to open December 1st.

“I’ve been out six years now, and I’ve noticed that there are so many more ways to recognize female veterans than there was just when I was in the Army,” said Cecilia Buchanan, one Army veteran who’s eligible to apply for the scholarship.

It’s named after one woman whose impact has gone far beyond the war front.

“She’s definitely an inspiration for all women veterans,” said Buchanan. “And what she went through when she was in the military is completely different than what we go through now.”

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