What VA Means By Evidence When Processing Claims

This is good information if you are in the process of trying to process benefits claims.

What VA means by evidence when processing claims:

Having served as a senior Veterans Service Representative for six years, there are a couple of questions I am often asked about claims processing – “What is evidence?” and “Is my evidence helpful to my claim?”

What is “evidence”?

In short, it is anything you (the claimant) submit to VA, or VA attempts to obtain on your behalf, in support of your disability claim.

According to Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations, evidence can be (but is not limited to):
•Military separation papers (such as DD 214, etc.)
•Separation Health Assessments or DoD’s Separation History and Physical Examinations
•VA Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs); Veterans Health Administration treatment records
•Medical records from private providers
•“Buddy statements” – statements from fellow Veterans you served with, family members or friends who can support your claim

Sometimes, VA requests very specific evidence. In those instances, we will indicate exactly what we are looking for.

However, if you file a Fully Developed Claim through eBenefits that is your way of telling VA that you have uploaded all the appropriate evidence necessary to support your claim and have no intention to submit additional evidence.

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