Want to relax? Listen to Verdi

There is some very interesting information in this article about using music for its therapeutic value. Apparently, Verdi has been shown to lower blood pressure.

For those suffering from PTSD, this may be a way to add some moments of relaxation from anxiety and stress. Go to your favorite music app, download some slow Verdi and the slow movements and arias mentioned in the article and see if you are able to get to a more calm place.

Even if you aren’t a known fan of classical music, what will it hurt to assess this claim for yourself?

Want to relax? Listen to Verdi, Scientists say:

If you want to relax and feel calm then the scientific tip is to listen to the music of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, which is more likely to lower blood pressure than pop, rock or jazz.

According to new research, slow music with a 10-second repetitive cycle has a noticeable calming effect on listeners because it matches the body’s natural 10-second waves of blood-pressure control.

The music of Verdi, along with the slow movements of Ludwig Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the arias in Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot, are among the most calming pieces of music because they happen to be rich in 10-second cycles that match perfectly the control rhythm of the cardiovascular system, said Professor Peter Sleight, of Oxford University. Blood pressure measurements are sent to the brain after every heartbeat, but because the brain sends control messages back to the heart along two separate nerves operating at different speeds, they arrive out of phase with one another and only come back into phase once every 10 seconds, he explained.

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