The House Passes a Ton of Veterans Bills

The House has passed a large amount of Veterans bills – and there should still be more coming. You can find a decent listing of those bills at the link below.

House passes flurry of veterans bills, bigger deal could be looming

Lawmakers could be headed toward a veterans omnibus bill covering a host of health, education and employment issues after House members passed a package of nine veterans-themed measures Tuesday evening.

The flurry of legislation came after a day of debate and discussion about veterans issues on the House floor. All of the measures were passed by voice vote without objection, but will need Senate action and the president’s signature before they can become law.

For a list of legislation enacted by the 114th Congress, or for House-Passed Bills, and for the House Committee on Veterans Affairs Sponsored Bills, you can find that information here:

You can find this information for the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs at but you have to dig for what is still pending – if you did through you can find hearing agendas that address open legislation.

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