Tai Chi can Help Cope with Stress and Boost Resilience

If you can’t bring yourself to join that yoga class because maybe it seems a bit too dainty (unfair description, btw) for you, you should think about Tai Chi. There are many benefits to joining a Tai Chi class.

Here’s the inspiration:Use Martial Arts to Cope with Stress and Boost Resilience

The purpose of traditional martial arts is to train a warrior’s mind and body. Martial arts focuses not only on physical combat, but also the development of certain psychological characteristics such as clear decision-making, confidence and control.2,3 Training in martial arts, especially tai chi and qi gong, can help service members develop resilient characteristics through controlled breathing and movement techniques.

Read the Real Warriors Campaign article, Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, to learn more about other complementary and alternative medicines, such as yoga and meditation, that can help you cope with stress.

Tai chi, which originated in China, is a mind-body practice sometimes referred to as “moving meditation.” Practitioners move their bodies slowly, gently and with awareness, while breathing deeply.Similar to tai chi, qi gong combines movement, meditation and controlled breathing. Practicing tai chi and qi gong has multiple benefits, including:

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