Suicide Rate Among Women Veterans is Staggering

I’ve got two articles here because I think they are both incredibly important. The first article is an info-graph and text explanation regarding a study of Iraq and Afghanistan vets from 2001-2007, looking at suicide rates. There is also a link to the National Health Study for a New Generation of US Veterans, which is a 10 year study. Both the article and the study are worth your time.

The second article is from the LA Times and looks at a study that calls women veteran suicide rates staggering. I had some trouble with the site loading, but the article is interesting enough to try and get through the slowness of the load.

FIRST ARTICLE: LA Times: Suicide rate of female military veterans is called ‘staggering’:

Female service members have always been volunteers, and their elevated suicide rates across all generations may be part of a larger pattern. Male veterans 50 and older — the vast majority of whom served during the draft era, which ended in 1973 — had roughly the same suicide rates as nonveteran men their age. Only younger male veterans, who served in the all-volunteer force, had rates that exceeded those of other men.

The differences suggest that the suicide rates may have more to do with who chooses to join the military than what happens during their service, said Claire Hoffmire, the VA epidemiologist who led the research. A more definitive explanation would require information not included in the data, such as when each veteran served and for how long.

Hoffmire pointed to recent research showing that men and women who join the military are more likely to have endured difficult childhoods, including emotional and
sexual abuse.

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