Sergeant Lisamarie Wiley – Phenomenal Women Veteran

Sergeant Lisamarie Wiley stepped on a IED while performing her duties as an Army interrogator in Afghanistan. She has since become an outspoken advocate for better designed prosthetics for women veterans. Recently, she has teamed up with The Girls’ Lounge, the VA and Stratasys to work on new innovative designs that may be as easy to acquire as the push of a printer button.

The ability to easily procure prosthetics that are made specifically for all the many needs of a woman will go a long way to helping women veterans in dealing with identity and mental health challenges; thus making transitions to civilian life after traumatic injuries, maybe, just a little bit easier. Great job, Sergeant Wiley!

This is a very cool article with links and video – take the time to watch it, if you are interested in what our women veterans are doing to make the lives of others better.

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3D Printing Helps Women Veterans Create Prosthetics Made Just for Them

Now an advocate for military veterans, Sergeant Wiley has been very outspoken about the needs for new advances in prostheses that cater to women amputees’ specific needs. And she insists that it isn’t simply about vanity, but there are things that other women take for granted every day that she has to take special care to do. Simple things like wearing shoes or dresses need to be taken into account when she decides which of her ten different prosthetic legs she needs to wear. And when she travels, she often needs to bring several along with her, which can be a pain to deal with while dealing with airport security.

If you think that number of prosthetics is excessive, think again. Male amputees often have four or five different devices. Wiley has specific prostheses for running, prostheses for walking around the house and even specialized prostheses for wearing high heels. Her dream is for someone to invest a socket device that allows her to have a single leg prosthesis that fits her limb comfortably, while the lower portion can be easily swapped for alternate uses. But while she is still waiting for that socket, she is getting some help in some of her cosmetic complaints thanks to the women’s corporate networking group The Girls’ Lounge.

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