Report: Retaliation against sex assault victims rampant

I ran across this article this morning, and thought it was pertinent. I had no idea Human Rights Watch was conducting interviews since 2013 with sexual assault survivors in the military. Here’s an article about the 113-page report (there’s a link in the article below) about retaliation for reporting sexual assaults.

Here’s the inspiration:Report: Retaliation against sex assault victims rampant

He began drinking heavily, failing his physical fitness tests and even started carrying a knife to protect himself from his fellow soldiers.

Carter is one of 150 sexual assault survivors interviewed about retaliation for reporting sexual assaults for a 113-page report issued May 18 by Human Rights Watch, an international nongovernmental organization that focuses on defending human rights around the world.

Human Rights Watch conducted interviews with sexual assault survivors across the military since October 2013. Many survivors said the retaliation they suffered — including bullying, isolation and damage to their careers — was actually worse than the assaults.

Echoes of Carter’s story appear throughout the report, from the testimony of women, and some other men, of many ranks in all services. And many of them end as Carter’s does: The attacks never stopped. About a year after his sexual assault, Carter told investigators that someone tried to stab him in a bar while repeatedly screaming for him to die and calling him a homophobic slur.

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