Navy Captain Runs to Honor Fallen Servicewomen

Last year, Captain Nancy Lacore ran 160 miles to honor servicewomen who were killed overseas. She ran a mile for every one of them and it took her seven days to do it. She did this as part of the valor run.

Here’s a seven minute video showcasing who she is and what she’s done. She talks about the Valor Run and about the struggles of being a woman in the military.

Captain Nancy Lacore is Shield Sisters’ Phenomenal Woman Veteran of the Week. Thank you, Captain Lacore for remembering.

Going the Extra Mile: Navy Captain Runs to Honor Fallen Servicewomen:

Navy Capt. Nancy Lacore knows valor has no gender. She recently completed a grueling 160 mile run in seven days to honor the 160 US servicewomen who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That’s one mile for each women who sacrificed her life for her country. Lacore, who served in Afghanistan, wanted to do something to raise awareness of the women who died in service.

Lacore would run 25 miles a day from Chesapeake, Virginia, to Washington, D.C., at twice the pace she’d ever run before, pushing herself to the limit. Always in her mind, the women who did not make it home.

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