Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to Celebrate the Year of the Woman Veteran

Great job to you, Kentucky, and a special thank you to Heather French Henry, the department Commissioner; and Moon Brothers American Legion Lodge, for all the work done to support women veterans and raise awareness of all the challenges women veterans face that are different than their brothers in arms.

The article below was published on May 25, but its worth making note of a state that is working to honor their own shield sisters.

If you live in Kentucky and need veteran services, you can go here to find the information you need from new veterans resources, to nursing homes and cemetary/burial information; you will find resources regarding VA Health services, employment asistance; and information on the “Kentucky Women Veterans Unite! 2015” initiative.

Independence honors Year of the Woman Veteran:

This is a new initiative of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs. According to, throughout this year of the woman veteran, the department will spotlight Kentucky’s 33,000 women veterans with a full year of events and outreach to women veterans and all Kentuckians.

The goal, according to the department Commissioner Heather French Henry, is to make sure that all veterans’ voices are heard and that female veterans get access to the services and benefits they deserve. Only about 6 percent of the 33,000 female veterans currently use these services and benefits.

This article was written by: Rachel Baker – Click to follow on Twitter