America’s First Female Four-Star General Reflects On The Challenges Of Serving

Great story about Ann Dunwoody who is the first four-star general in US Army history. She has just released her memoir. The article below is based on an interview from PRI’s The Takeaway.

America’s first female four-star general reflects on the challenges of serving.

Today, women make up nearly 15 percent of America’s active duty force and serve in 95 percent of all military positions — front-line combat spots for women are also coming. But none of them have reached higher than Ann Dunwoody, the first four-star general in US Army history.

Dunwoody says that she wasn’t initially committed to the military — she joined because the Army offered her $500 per month during her senior year of college for a two-year commitment. She was also enticed by the prospect that’d she would get to jump out of an airplane.

“I joined the WAC [Women’s Army Corps] in 1975,” says Dunwoody, who recently released a memoir titled “A Higher Standard: Leadership Strategies from America’s First Female Four-Star General.” “Shortly after that, they disbanded the Women’s Army Corps and began this integration of women into the regular Army. My first assignment as part of this integration … was to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, as a platoon leader with Sergeant First Class Wendell Bowen.”

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