A Phenomenal Woman Veteran and Her Quest for a Foot that Fit

This is an incredibly inspirational story about Army Sgt. Brenda Reed and her quest for a woman’s foot.

The article also highlights some of the challenges for women veterans in the VA health system.

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One female veteran’s epic quest for a ‘foot that fits’

Every morning for more than two years, retired Army Sgt. Brenda Reed had the infuriating chore of screwing on what she calls her “man foot.”

The prosthesis was given to her by the Department of Veterans Affairs after her left leg was amputated in 2013, but the replacement was so bulky and ill-fitting that it kept falling off in public. She pleaded with VA officials for “a foot that fits, a female foot,” only to be told repeatedly that the agency doesn’t carry that kind of customized prosthesis, which is available on the private market.

Reed tried to have a sense of humor about it. So she put bright red press-on nails on the wide “man” toes.

“I just wanted to get this man’s foot off of me,” she said.“Does it really have to be this hard for female veterans to get the right kind of care?”

This article was written by: Rachel Baker – Click to follow on Twitter