A Personal Note: Quilts of Valor

Last week, I received a quilt from the Flying Needles Quilt Guild in Niceville, FL. This quilt was designed, constructed, and delivered to me as part of the Quilts of Valor program. The presentation was short and sweet but the memory of this event will live with me forever. I’m not positive I’ve been able to process how deeply I was touched enough to put it into words, but I wanted to say, publically,

Thank you to all who put work into my beautiful quilt. And especially to Ruth and Sharon who pieced and quilted: The hours I suspect you put in to making this quilt will never be forgotten. Thank you for all for becoming a part of my personal military/veteran story.

A great many of these women are veterans themselves, mothers of veterans, and wives of veterans. These women know what it is they are doing, not just as quilters, but also as women who in some way shape or form served in or with the military. The woman who presented my quilt was a Vietnam Veteran; I didn’t know this until after when I was reading the QoV journal presented to me with the quilt. I think, as the owner of Shield Sisters, to decide that each and every woman in the Flying Needles Quilt Guild can be designated as the Shield Sisters Phenomenal Women of the Week.

Thank you, Ladies, for all you’ve done, in and for the military.

Quilt of Valor by Flying Needles Quilt Guild
Quilt of Valor by Flying Needles Quilt Guild

If you are interested in the Quilts of Valor Foundation or in making a monetary donation or fabric donation, you can go here for more information.

Quilts of Valor Website.

Blue Star mom Catherine Roberts, began the Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOVF) from her sewing room in Seaford, Delaware. Her son Nathanael’s year-long deployment to Iraq provided the initial inspiration, and her desire to see that returning warriors were welcomed home with the love and gratitude they deserved, provided the rest.

She hit upon the idea that linking quilt-toppers with machine quilters in a national effort could achieve her goal of cover all returning service men and women touched by war. These wartime quilts, called Quilts of Valor (QOV’s), would be a tangible reminder of an American’s appreciation and gratitude. Since 2003, QOVF has become a national grassroots community service effort, connecting the home-front with our warriors and veterans.

QOV’s are stitched with love, prayers and healing thoughts. Our troops who have been touched by war are awarded this tangible token of appreciation that unequivocally says, “Thank you for your service, sacrifice and valor.”

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    Thank you for posting this! I know our guild loves making these quilts. So excited to see they are going to be well loved and enjoyed. I forwarded your message to the president who then sent it out to the whole guild. Hopefully Ruth and Sharon get your thank you.

    Thank you for your service.