Veterans Groups and the VA have a Woman Problem

There is a really great opinion piece in the NYTimes this morning (link below) about the woman problems the VA has presently. The piece references a study report put out by the Disabled American Veterans titled, Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home (You can find the report here, and its worth reading through). This article got me thinking about something that happened to me … [Read more...]

Veterans Need Help Healing Their Moral Injuries

Disclaimer: This turned into more of an editorial/commentary article than just focusing your attention on a great article I thought should be shared. The first part of this article are based on my experiences and my views while in the military, as well as, subsequent experiences with the VA and the Vet Center. I think this might just be one of the most important articles … [Read more...]

Suicide Rate Among Women Veterans is Staggering

I've got two articles here because I think they are both incredibly important. The first article is an info-graph and text explanation regarding a study of Iraq and Afghanistan vets from 2001-2007, looking at suicide rates. There is also a link to the National Health Study for a New Generation of US Veterans, which is a 10 year study. Both the article and the study are worth … [Read more...]

We Are No Longer Girls, We’ve Become Military Veterans

Below is an article that shares some stunning statistics, while outlining some of the glaring challenges women veterans face. The article is found at the Daily Kos, which may, on the surface, be a bit too liberal for some of you, but try to put your politics aside for the greater good. The challenges women veterans (and all veterans) face are not Democratic or Republican … [Read more...]

Project Healing Waters Helps Veterans Cope

I ran across this article today about how a Fly Fishing Program was helping Veterans cope with some of the symptoms of PTSD. The subject of the article is a combat veteran who was a combat medic and nurse during Desert Storm. Because of this, noises were difficult to deal with and he needed time to get away from it all. He found refuge and solace in nature while participating … [Read more...]