Top VA Health Official Outlines Five Ways to Transform Access to Care

Over the last few days, we've heard/read reports about how a little more than 300,000 veterans have died while waiting for VA Health care. This article came out today and outlines five ways David Shilkin, the Veterans Affairs Undersecretary of Health, wants to fix some of the challenges the veterans have in the timely access of care. That top article has been … [Read more...]

Two In Five Military Women Endure Sexual Trauma During Service

This shouldn't be stunning if you've been paying attention to the reports that have been coming out over the last few years. If you are interested, there is a link in the below article that will take you to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, online publication from July 29, 2015. There you can find all the reference links used during the study. Read the Full … [Read more...]

VA Campaign: I Served in the Active Military. Yes, I’m One!

Last week, I went to the VA Hospital in West Palm Beach for a urology appointment and it was the single worst experience I've had in the VA healthcare system to date. It started with an old crotchety veteran wearing an antebellum-like summer suit with a cane and white fedora who ranted and raved in the waiting room about how come the tv's were on CNN and not Fox, and that … [Read more...]

Women Veteran Suicides happening at the Same Rate as Men Veterans

This is an Op-Ed written by Shad Meshad who is the Founder and co-author of the Vet Center Program and Founder of the National Veterans Foundation. It was written a month or so ago, and its worth your time to read and absorb. Veteran suicide rates are incredibly high and women veterans are committing suicide at exactly the same rates as men veterans. If you know a veteran … [Read more...]

An Idea for Treating Drug Addiction Amongst Veterans

The Police Department in Gloucester, Massachusetts is trying a revolutionary approach to decreasing the number of inmates in the prison system while helping addicts get their lives back on track. In response to the success in Gloucester and the incredibly positive public feedback, the Chief and a local businessman have launched the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery … [Read more...]