Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee and IAVA: Working It For Veterans Who Also Happen To Have Vaginas

Yup! I said it. I made a distinction that we are veterans just like the guys, except for our reproductive and sexual organs. :sigh: Its a conundrum. On the one hand, we want services specific to us, on the other we don't want to be treated differently than men veterans. Maybe one day I'll find the article which shows exactly what the psychological factors are that make it … [Read more...]

Veterans: How to Get Help When the Holidays Aren’t So Merry and Bright

Below is verbatim post on myhealth.va.gov on how to deal with the reality the holiday season. This post was worth sharing just to make sure the links were available. While I recognize some have issues with the VA (and I completely understand these issues), I do believe if you are in crisis, these links are a veteran's and a veteran's family's best bet for getting said veteran … [Read more...]

Women Veterans Just Want to be Heard

A new study commissioned by the Disabled American Veterans was released on September 24, 2015. If you are a woman veteran, whether you suffer from some of the challenges that are specific to women veterans or not, you should take a bit of time to digest what it says. At 52 pages, this is one of the most comprehensive studies I've seen yet. If you care at all about a … [Read more...]

Sergeant Lisamarie Wiley – Phenomenal Women Veteran

Sergeant Lisamarie Wiley stepped on a IED while performing her duties as an Army interrogator in Afghanistan. She has since become an outspoken advocate for better designed prosthetics for women veterans. Recently, she has teamed up with The Girls' Lounge, the VA and Stratasys to work on new innovative designs that may be as easy to acquire as the push of a printer button. … [Read more...]

A Phenomenal Woman Veteran and Her Quest for a Foot that Fit

This is an incredibly inspirational story about Army Sgt. Brenda Reed and her quest for a woman's foot. The article also highlights some of the challenges for women veterans in the VA health system. Read the Full article: One female veteran’s epic quest for a ‘foot that fits’ Every morning for more than two years, retired Army Sgt. Brenda Reed had the infuriating … [Read more...]