Four Business Funding Programs for Veterans

If you are a veteran looking to expand your business or go forward with a great idea for a business, this article will be of great value to you. Thank You for Your Service - 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans : There are more than 2.4 million businesses operated by veterans nationwide, according to the SBA 2012 Veterans Report. Despite this growing trend towards … [Read more...]

We Are No Longer Girls, We’ve Become Military Veterans

Below is an article that shares some stunning statistics, while outlining some of the glaring challenges women veterans face. The article is found at the Daily Kos, which may, on the surface, be a bit too liberal for some of you, but try to put your politics aside for the greater good. The challenges women veterans (and all veterans) face are not Democratic or Republican … [Read more...]

Veterans Opportunities in Farming

Here are some great resources for military veterans are who are interested in exploring a career in farming. Here's a recent article about Veterans and Farming: Farming Industry Targets Military Veterans The government, nonprofit groups and even universities are helping military veterans find … [Read more...]

Video and Notes from Fulfilling the Promise to Women Veterans

Here is the video from the Senate Committee of Veterans Affairs Hearing on Fulfilling the Promise to Women Veterans that was held on April 21, 2015 at 2:30pm. On the video, the hearing starts at 17:55, if you want to just fast-forward through the first powerpoint screen that shows the meeting information. Also, you can find the agenda and the testimony from each of … [Read more...]