Career Resources for Veterans

Happy first week of 2016! This is the time when most of us are trying to figure out what we want the new year to "be about". We set resolutions and pick life themes, hoping beyond hope, for the sake of our self-images and self-worth, that we are able to accomplish whatever we've chosen to be better at longer than we did during 2015. For some, the new year betterment … [Read more...]

Women Veterans Just Want to be Heard

A new study commissioned by the Disabled American Veterans was released on September 24, 2015. If you are a woman veteran, whether you suffer from some of the challenges that are specific to women veterans or not, you should take a bit of time to digest what it says. At 52 pages, this is one of the most comprehensive studies I've seen yet. If you care at all about a … [Read more...]

National Movement Helps Veterans Become Farmers

Here is a great article about the national movement to help veterans become farmers. To some from urban areas, this might seem trite, but its a great initiative. The Farmer Veteran Coalition has more than 5000 members across the U.S. and has considerable federal support. Read the Full article: National movement helps veterans become farmers Ireland is part of a … [Read more...]

VA’s New Pilot Program for IT Training Open to All-era Veterans

Here's to hoping the pilot program does well and the program is available at more locations around the country. Read the Full article: VA's New Pilot Program for IT Training Open to All-era Veterans A just-launched Veterans Affairs Department program to train veterans for information technology jobs will be as much for older veterans -- regardless of era -- as for … [Read more...]

Women Veterans in High Demand

Here's an article about a new resource that helps connect women Veterans with employment opportunities. There's a job fair coming up on August 18th, and a website link below. Women Who Served in the Military in High Demand for Job Openings. Veteran Recruiting has developed the WVJI website to make it easy for women veterans and recruiters to connect. Similar to the … [Read more...]